What’s New for 2017

For a quote or questions about any of the products you see here go to pavingstone.pro



First we will start with Barkman concretes new slabs, the Brookside Slab(top picture) and the Lexington Tile(bottom picture). Both come in two sizes 400 x 400 x 25 and 400 x 600 x 45. As well both are designed for walkways and patios. Brookside Slab features a slate-like surface that will add a sense of refinement to any landscape. Brookside is available in three colours, making it an ideal choice for any space it’s placed in. In comparison the Lexington Tile is a premium slab with variated colours integrated into the mix. Primarily for patios and walkways, this tile provides a striking aesthetic to any landscape and is available in three dynamic colours that will make a bold impression in any space it’s placed in. Because both come in 2 sizes they can be used with just one size or in a random pattern with 2 sizes.


Next we will look at the new Mesa Flagstone Paver and let me tell you this is a huge upgrade from the old honeycomb look the previous version of their flagstone paver had. although there is only one size because of the irregular shape and six different faces once laid the pattern seems to disappear making a true natural flagstone look. Mesa Flagstone comes in 3 unique colour mixes and is sure to be a hit for everything from patios to driveways.


Now moving away from the pavers we have a new wall unit called Architextures Wall. These new Contemporary looking wall units come in 3 exhilarating colours. They are a large format unit which means each piece weighs roughly 200 pounds and not meant to be tackled by the do it yourselfer. These wall units create a clean look and fit seamlessly in the most modern of spaces.


And there is one last surprise the new line of modern concrete planters that Barkman has appropriately named Cast by Barkman for its unique unfinished look. These planters are great for creating an inviting entrance to any business or a feature for any home. They come in 3 different sizes and 3 different colours to fit everyones taste.


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